iMsg Issues In iOS 7. A FIX

Having had the issue myself where your not sending iMessages even on wifi I trawled the internet to find you all a solution. So here it is. 

Credit to Johnny Sanchez post on IMore.com

"When you upgrade to iOS7, you have to reset your network settings and have iMessage and FaceTime off in order to correct the issue. The upgrade simply doesn't recognize your previous iMessage and FaceTime settings because these features are unique to the software.

To reset:
Tap Settings
Tap General
Tap Reset
Tap Reset Network Settings

Confirm the changes and re-add your wi-fi password(s). When the device resets, make sure you make sure after re-adding your passwords, the iMessage and FaceTime is activated by tapping them in the setting app. Make sure they're on.

You should be all set."

This works. Myself and a friend have followed instructions and it has fixed the issue. 

If you have any other problems either drop a comment or fire off the links below. 


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"Can't innovate anymore MY ASS" - iOS update WWDC

So I'm back, here is a quick run down of what has been said tonight at Special Event at WWDC.
A lot of publications will publish a lot of detail over coming hours however this is the first update that's all bullet point detail.

iOS in Numbers

iOS 600 million devices sold.
iOS Number 1 customer user
50% more use than android
Mobile web share 60%
iPad 82% tablet market share
Number 1 customer satisfaction 9 times in row. 
97% satisfaction for iOS. 
73% "very satisfied"
93% of users use iOS 6
1/3 android user are using 2010 version. 
iOS 6 mobile os most popular in world.

iOS 7
Wicked new icon. 
Biggest change since launch
Complete new interface.
Background moves when phone moves. 
100% new but still recognisable. 
New unlock. 
New topographicy
New animation on wallpapers
New icons
No green felt in game centre
No wood in book store
Animations everywhere
Transparency throughout. 
Swipe from left of screen goes back a window, ie out of msg into inbox 
Pages of folders

New notification centre
Today and missed tabs.   
Also available on lock screen
10 big new features

Control centre
Swipe up. Controls settings brightness Etc. from lock screen. 

All apps with great battery life now compatible.
Updates a lot in back ground. Works out when u "need" it. 
Adapts around network so will fetch when best.  
When it gets a push it will already be into date. 
Live "cards"

Full screen. One tap for bookmarks
New UI for tabs. 
iCloud keychain remembers passwords
Back swipe goes to previous page.
No longer limited in tabs and iCloud supported. 

Air Drop
Sharing friends no need to bump
System wide. 
Not supported prior to 5. 

Now 4 modes. Camera, Video, Square, Panoramic.
Filters. Live filters from Camera App.

New sorting.
iOS knows when and where
Moments - uses data to put them there.
Shared photo streams. 
See comments. 
Support video on sharing

Siri. New interface. Sound wave.
New voice. Male or female
Play voicemail
Control settings
See social networks
Web search 

iOS in car
iOS on screen shows it on car dash. All functions available.

Age range categories
Find popular apps near u
No more updates
Updated automatically

Artist images.
Cover flow on landscape. 

Itunes radio
Built in to music app
Featured stations. 
Create your own. 
Create from artists and similar. Adjust 
Shows history. Can buy on there
Built in to everything
Free with ads
Free without ads if you have itunes match.
Starting in USA


FaceTime audio only.
Notification sync on devices.
Phone FaceTime and MSG blocking. 

Activation lock
If a thief try's to wipe device or turn off find my iPhone, it will never allow them because they don't know your Apple id 

1500 new Apis
For developers.

Beta for Devs today iPhone only.
iPad soon

Coming this fall for general public.
iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later supported.

Can't innovate anymore MY ASS - Phil Schiller.


iJoe Paused

Ok. I've been quiet for a while and wondered if it was just going to be a week off but as the third one rolls round I feel I should act.

iJoe was set up to give me a voice and to help others. The articles and reviews were a side thought. I had a few in mind prior to setting up and I posted them. However recently I've found content difficult to create. I find this blog set up one way....I post the blogs and can only tell what's being read by the stats.

The stats were amazing.
14th - 31st December views - 3026
1st - 31st January views - 5927
1st - 17th February views - 1535
5000 views by 1 month.
10000 views by 2 months.
I can only thank everyone for their tremendous support.

I used iJoe as a massive motivational tool during a very tough time in my life. It did actually help, gave me something to focus on.

It's something I'd love to continue as a form, however id need additional content from others and I'm just not in that place at the moment.

So a pause. Not closing blog because articles are important for new users. Also I will still post occasionally such as new product launches and key notes.

The twitter and Facebook sites will stay open also as will iKnow email address. I'm always here for your support. Also if you need me direct I'm @joebromley on twitter also.

Can't wait to press play again.


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iOS 6.1.2. Released.

Apple has listened and acted fast to fix the small bugs that effected iOS users since iOS 6.1 was realised at end of January.

Update today even if you haven't been receiving the issues it's still best to stay on the most up to date software.

Like other updates either plug into computer to update or download via settings/general/software update.


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Do You Own An iPhone 4 or 4S?

If you do, developer of Smart Player Shad Deen needs your help.

To qualify you need to....

1. Own a iPhone 4/4s
2. Use Smart Player.
3. Possibly listen to the band XX.

If you happen to tick all those boxes get in touch via this blog with myself via the links below. Or contact Shad on Twitter @shaddeen_



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iNews EP. 6

Here's the news.

iWatch Rumours 1
iWatch Rumours 2
iWatch Rumours 3
iWatch Rumours 4
iWatch Rumours 5
iWatch Rumours 6
Kickstarter App Launches for iOS
Kickstarter Project for an iPhone stand
Kickstarter Wallet Case.
iOS 6.1.1 released for iPhone 4S
Fix coming for Email bug in iOS 6.1
Lockscreen/Security Issue in iOS 6.1
This weeks top 30 games.
Comparing Twitter Apps for iPhone.
Comparing Twitter Apps for iPad.
Apple Tv (iTV) rumours 1
Apple Tv (iTV) rumours 2
Apple Tv (iTV) rumours 3
If you want an iPhone music app that you can only check the temperature of one place.
Comparing iPhone, Htc and Blackberry
One Browser buys another Browser
Skype updates its app.
Die Hard Game for iOS
Dropbox gets a nice update
Calendar Ultimate Guide
Tim Cook talks next iPhone
Sir Jonathan Ive receives special award.

Apologies for slow down In comms from the blog. However I'm taking on a small personal battle so I'm focusing a lot of my energy towards that. iJoe is still very much a part of my life and I shall return to the frequency of blogging as I had before.


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Bargains EP. 2.

Two stonking nice Bargains in the App Store today. Get them whilst there hot.

Two of the best games on iOS Gaming platform. For free.

Asphalt Heat - Free Saving of 69p
Infinity Blade - Free Saving of £2.99


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