iMsg Issues In iOS 7. A FIX

Having had the issue myself where your not sending iMessages even on wifi I trawled the internet to find you all a solution. So here it is. 

Credit to Johnny Sanchez post on IMore.com

"When you upgrade to iOS7, you have to reset your network settings and have iMessage and FaceTime off in order to correct the issue. The upgrade simply doesn't recognize your previous iMessage and FaceTime settings because these features are unique to the software.

To reset:
Tap Settings
Tap General
Tap Reset
Tap Reset Network Settings

Confirm the changes and re-add your wi-fi password(s). When the device resets, make sure you make sure after re-adding your passwords, the iMessage and FaceTime is activated by tapping them in the setting app. Make sure they're on.

You should be all set."

This works. Myself and a friend have followed instructions and it has fixed the issue. 

If you have any other problems either drop a comment or fire off the links below. 


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"Can't innovate anymore MY ASS" - iOS update WWDC

So I'm back, here is a quick run down of what has been said tonight at Special Event at WWDC.
A lot of publications will publish a lot of detail over coming hours however this is the first update that's all bullet point detail.

iOS in Numbers

iOS 600 million devices sold.
iOS Number 1 customer user
50% more use than android
Mobile web share 60%
iPad 82% tablet market share
Number 1 customer satisfaction 9 times in row. 
97% satisfaction for iOS. 
73% "very satisfied"
93% of users use iOS 6
1/3 android user are using 2010 version. 
iOS 6 mobile os most popular in world.

iOS 7
Wicked new icon. 
Biggest change since launch
Complete new interface.
Background moves when phone moves. 
100% new but still recognisable. 
New unlock. 
New topographicy
New animation on wallpapers
New icons
No green felt in game centre
No wood in book store
Animations everywhere
Transparency throughout. 
Swipe from left of screen goes back a window, ie out of msg into inbox 
Pages of folders

New notification centre
Today and missed tabs.   
Also available on lock screen
10 big new features

Control centre
Swipe up. Controls settings brightness Etc. from lock screen. 

All apps with great battery life now compatible.
Updates a lot in back ground. Works out when u "need" it. 
Adapts around network so will fetch when best.  
When it gets a push it will already be into date. 
Live "cards"

Full screen. One tap for bookmarks
New UI for tabs. 
iCloud keychain remembers passwords
Back swipe goes to previous page.
No longer limited in tabs and iCloud supported. 

Air Drop
Sharing friends no need to bump
System wide. 
Not supported prior to 5. 

Now 4 modes. Camera, Video, Square, Panoramic.
Filters. Live filters from Camera App.

New sorting.
iOS knows when and where
Moments - uses data to put them there.
Shared photo streams. 
See comments. 
Support video on sharing

Siri. New interface. Sound wave.
New voice. Male or female
Play voicemail
Control settings
See social networks
Web search 

iOS in car
iOS on screen shows it on car dash. All functions available.

Age range categories
Find popular apps near u
No more updates
Updated automatically

Artist images.
Cover flow on landscape. 

Itunes radio
Built in to music app
Featured stations. 
Create your own. 
Create from artists and similar. Adjust 
Shows history. Can buy on there
Built in to everything
Free with ads
Free without ads if you have itunes match.
Starting in USA


FaceTime audio only.
Notification sync on devices.
Phone FaceTime and MSG blocking. 

Activation lock
If a thief try's to wipe device or turn off find my iPhone, it will never allow them because they don't know your Apple id 

1500 new Apis
For developers.

Beta for Devs today iPhone only.
iPad soon

Coming this fall for general public.
iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later supported.

Can't innovate anymore MY ASS - Phil Schiller.


iJoe Paused

Ok. I've been quiet for a while and wondered if it was just going to be a week off but as the third one rolls round I feel I should act.

iJoe was set up to give me a voice and to help others. The articles and reviews were a side thought. I had a few in mind prior to setting up and I posted them. However recently I've found content difficult to create. I find this blog set up one way....I post the blogs and can only tell what's being read by the stats.

The stats were amazing.
14th - 31st December views - 3026
1st - 31st January views - 5927
1st - 17th February views - 1535
5000 views by 1 month.
10000 views by 2 months.
I can only thank everyone for their tremendous support.

I used iJoe as a massive motivational tool during a very tough time in my life. It did actually help, gave me something to focus on.

It's something I'd love to continue as a form, however id need additional content from others and I'm just not in that place at the moment.

So a pause. Not closing blog because articles are important for new users. Also I will still post occasionally such as new product launches and key notes.

The twitter and Facebook sites will stay open also as will iKnow email address. I'm always here for your support. Also if you need me direct I'm @joebromley on twitter also.

Can't wait to press play again.


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iOS 6.1.2. Released.

Apple has listened and acted fast to fix the small bugs that effected iOS users since iOS 6.1 was realised at end of January.

Update today even if you haven't been receiving the issues it's still best to stay on the most up to date software.

Like other updates either plug into computer to update or download via settings/general/software update.


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Do You Own An iPhone 4 or 4S?

If you do, developer of Smart Player Shad Deen needs your help.

To qualify you need to....

1. Own a iPhone 4/4s
2. Use Smart Player.
3. Possibly listen to the band XX.

If you happen to tick all those boxes get in touch via this blog with myself via the links below. Or contact Shad on Twitter @shaddeen_



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iNews EP. 6

Here's the news.

iWatch Rumours 1
iWatch Rumours 2
iWatch Rumours 3
iWatch Rumours 4
iWatch Rumours 5
iWatch Rumours 6
Kickstarter App Launches for iOS
Kickstarter Project for an iPhone stand
Kickstarter Wallet Case.
iOS 6.1.1 released for iPhone 4S
Fix coming for Email bug in iOS 6.1
Lockscreen/Security Issue in iOS 6.1
This weeks top 30 games.
Comparing Twitter Apps for iPhone.
Comparing Twitter Apps for iPad.
Apple Tv (iTV) rumours 1
Apple Tv (iTV) rumours 2
Apple Tv (iTV) rumours 3
If you want an iPhone music app that you can only check the temperature of one place.
Comparing iPhone, Htc and Blackberry
One Browser buys another Browser
Skype updates its app.
Die Hard Game for iOS
Dropbox gets a nice update
Calendar Ultimate Guide
Tim Cook talks next iPhone
Sir Jonathan Ive receives special award.

Apologies for slow down In comms from the blog. However I'm taking on a small personal battle so I'm focusing a lot of my energy towards that. iJoe is still very much a part of my life and I shall return to the frequency of blogging as I had before.


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Bargains EP. 2.

Two stonking nice Bargains in the App Store today. Get them whilst there hot.

Two of the best games on iOS Gaming platform. For free.

Asphalt Heat - Free Saving of 69p
Infinity Blade - Free Saving of £2.99


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iOS 6.1.1 Now Released.

Apple has just released iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S devices only.

This is an update to fix the connectivity issues for users experiencing difficulty connecting. As detailed in Vodafone's announcement earlier in the week. Vodafones Announcement

To download. Either connect your device to your iTunes or download via OTA on your device.


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Track8 Music Player.

Just a quick update.

I was planning to review Track8 Music Player this week on the blog, as I believed it could beat our current champion App of SmartPlayer.

However as I used it I failed to be overly impressed, some features are nice but don't really enhance the user experience which is ok but not amazing and in the end I removed the App and stuck with Smartplayer.

I'm not a fan of any websites creating negative or neutral reviews as it isn't worth the time to read them. If you can be constructive and attempt to help the developer add to the product then it's ok.

Personally I could give some constructive feedback to enhance app, but overall app didn't float close to Smartplayer.

Only posted this to inform anyone who saw during week on Facebook that I was going to review it and might be waiting.

Oh well, more articles coming next few days.


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DON'T UPDATE!! - Updated

Pretty major news coming out of UK network Vodafone tonight. That affects iPhone 4S users.

The following statement was posted on their forums earlier tonight by a "Tech Team" member.

" We’re aware of an issue caused by Apple iPhone 4s handsets that have been upgraded to iOS 6.1 which impacts performance on 3G.

Some customers may occasionally experience difficulty in connecting to the network to make or receive calls or texts or to connect to the Internet. Apple is working on a solution to their software issue. These connection problems are intermittent.

While Apple’s investigations continue, we would recommend that anyone who has not yet installed iOS 6.1 on their iPhone 4s should delay doing so until Apple has confirmed that their problem has been fixed.

Thanks, "

This could affect a lot of people, posting on a forum which I have never used myself I don't think will be a great idea.

iOS 6.1 was released nearly two weeks ago and the general consensus of people will have updated, as iOS will already have informed them via push notification.

I think Vodafone need to communicate this much better, even if its a text to all users, even if they gave a iPhone 5 or another phone at least you've covered your back.

If you are in the position that you own a iPhone 4S and are running iOS 6.1 you can downgrade your iOS it's a tricky procedure and its likely you will lose your iCloud back up as it will need 6.1 to run. But if your really struggling with 3G then you might need to go down this route.
You could also switch your phone to back up to iTunes and restore from there.

No other iPhones, are believed to be affected.

Update 1.

Network 3 in Austria is also advising its customers not to update. If any other networks communicate issues I will update here.


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Just popped onto App Store this evening and found some real crackers at cheap prices.
Get them quick as these won't last long.
If the prices are not as advertised check tomorrow as it might be delayed.

Need For Speed Most Wanted - 69p - Save £2.30.
Tactio Health and fitness - 69p - Save £6.30.
Galaxy on fire 2 - Free - Save £4.99.
Disney Where's My Valentine - Free
Car Tunes Music - Free Save £2.99


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Mailbox Is Out...Get in line.

The eagerly anticipated eMail client Mailbox has just been launched onto App stores worldwide.

Get it here - Free

Supports only Gmail and iPhone currently but will roll out more as updates come in.

You need to reserve your place in line. As Orchestra don't want to overload their servers. I'm currently 34642 and there's 273,000 people behind me. So get in sooner than later as the queue keeps growing.

See about it from my previous post here.


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Apple Store Service.

This is a trivial type of blog post but a lot of iPhone owners don't realise the level of support that Apple give you after sale.

Let's firstly break down how unprecedented this is for a Phone manufacturer.

Ask yourself this question have you ever seen a Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC or LG shop in the UK? Answer No.

I'm not sure but I believe the US to be the same.

Granted Apple sell more than just Mobile devices but it's a one of a kind type of Retail outlet in the World.

Another question. Think back to your last phone before iPhone. If it developed a fault, you lost or damaged it what did you have to do? From my own experience you had to either deal with your Network provider or the place you brought the phone and they enjoyed making us spend more cash on getting devices sent off and fixed. Which was not only expensive but unsupportive and inconvenient.

Fast forward to now and what do we do we have.


They provide a unprecedented warranty that you can pay to extend. That offers not only Hands on support but telephone support. Yes it's £61 to extend it but that's £61 broken down over a year. That's 16p a day, £1.17 a Week or £5.08 a month for something that could save you hundreds of pounds if you had to buy a new phone sim free.

The hands on Support is what is truly breath taking and makes having an iDevice a pleasure. Now I've spent 6-8 times with a genius via an appointment and it gets better every time.

Apple actually has its own user experience for each customer. It also has an App that enhances the customer experience.

With the Apple Store App you can not only purchase "online" you can also purchase in store.
It offers many services extra if your in an Apple shop. Connect to the App and if you want the free Apple Store wifi and your presented with a store menu, where you can do anything of the following. Check in for your appointment with a genius. Ask a genius, you alert them and they come find you. Purchase via scan and pay. Where you scan via your camera and use your Apple id to pay.

So I had the need for A genius two weeks ago. I'd developed a fault with iPhone 5 that even iJoe and the Internet couldn't fix.
Basically my battery life was horrific. Now I look after my battery, follow everything your meant to do to save it - I'll create a guide next week - and so it was clear when this decided to change. I went from usual usage rates of surviving a full day with around 10% to losing all charge with in 6 hours of no usage.
Also charging was slower and less effective.

So I tried everything I knew, everything the Internet knew and booked myself an appointment with a Genius.

Now I'm blessed to have two relatively close Apple stores by me. One in the centre of Birmingham and one in Solihull.
The appointments are always earlier and quicker to get one on Solihull so I tend choose that one.
I went in on a Tuesday, explained issues and explained what I'd completed. The Apple genius ran a wireless Diagnostics on the device and despite not living up to the Apple mantra of 10 hours battery life it passed all the tests. However he wasn't happy with this and said we had one more option to try and then if that failed he'd replace device. He did offer me a chance to get a new device there and then but as I have a custom designed skin on my phone I chose Visuals over operation and gave it one last chance.

I had to clean install the phone no iCloud back up no nothing. I hadn't done this previously as I had a lot of data I didn't wish to reinstall.
This failed. To be honest I only gave it one hour as I couldn't cope without all my old data and I could tell the battery wasn't well. It lost 10% in the five minutes of leaving store to getting into car. Those 5 minutes I didn't touch my device at all.

So when I got home I rebooked for following day - an advantage for this store. Returned and got a different genius he however knew from my customer notes I'd been in and where I was - he told me the notes are done almost magically from the answers they put into their iPhones as they are dealing with you. Incredible. He told me he would sort me a new iPhone we just had to lie a little. As the device had passed all the standard tests we needed to create a little fault to swap devices. I'm not going to rat out this genius any more but rest assured I got a new device and he did his job 110%.

It was nice to not have to jump through hoops to get what I wanted. The genius knew what was happening wasn't right and knew what to do to give me, the customer, what I wanted.

Overall the Apple retail experience is second to none. Both enhanced by in store and via the App. If you have a slight niggle or problem I suggest you use them 5000%. They will fix the issue no matter what. Also if your outside your warranty they can replace your devices with refurbished ones for a fee, which it a lot less than a sim free phone.

Got a problem. Use a genius.


128GB iPad. BOOM!

Well it appears Rumours are sometimes true. Apple literally just announced a 128GB version of the 4th Generation iPad with Retina Display.

Here's the press release to Apples best friend the Stock Market

Note this isn't a redesign that is already doing the rumours like this. I wouldn't expect to see that until March at earliest, October at latest.

So do you want a 128GB iPad?


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iOS 6.1 Released to Public.

Download it now or OTA.

Only details are small bug fixes. No new features.


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iNews - EP. 3

So this week has been a bumper week, with Apple releasing its profits and loads of updates and future products revieled to the world. Plus my iPhone 5 developed its own tasty fault, but more on that later. So here's the news.

SkyGo gets an update
30 best apps of the week
Mailbox gets a full feature review, before it launches this week
51% of the US have an iPhone, yet Apple are still in trouble
Apples porn problem part 1
Apple online through the ages
An App to change the way we listen to our favourite artists
The future? Is Now!
First clip of jOBS is revealed
Another 30 Apps of the week
Developers got their hands on a new version of iOS this week
A fitness app to get you moving, without even knowing it.
Apples porn problem part 2
If you use forums, this review is for you.
The game Hundreds is updated
Letterpress is updated
Rumoured iPhone 5S with 128GB storage could finally kill the iPod classic
Apple rumours
Imagining iOS 7
Tim Cook rallies the troups

And Finally....Two pieces of analysis on Apples fortunes.

Review of numbers
What's Next


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Smart Merge - Free

Smart Merge the contact duplication manager that I featured in the Facebook contact article previously is free for a limited time only.

I suggest you download it and regain control over your contacts.

Download Smart Merge For Free

Facebook Article


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Apple Profits.

Firstly apologies its late, I wanted to upload this last night but also wanted to see certain people's take on it so had to wait till the morning.

So here's bullet point details from Apples Q1 2013 Earnings Conference call.

Profit - $13.1 Billion - Record vs $13.06 Billion - Q1 2012.
Revenue - $54.5 Billion - Record vs $46.33 Billion - Q1 2012.
iPhone sales - 47.8 Million - Record vs 26.9 Million - Q1 2012.
iPad sales - 22.9 Million - Record vs 15.43 Million - Q1 2012.
iPod sales - 12.7 Million - Down vs 15.4 Million - Q1 2012.
Mac sales - 4.1 Million - Down vs 5.2 Million - Q1 2012.

Apple beat Wall Street Projections on Profit by $.3 Billion and its own projections by $2.1 Billion. They slightly missed Wall Street on Revenue by $.3 Billion and best its own projections by $2.5 Billion.

Now how you can question these results and claim Apple are doomed for failure is ridiculous. No Tech company has ever produced results like this. I don't know enough about stocks and shares to pass enough comments on it, however all I will say is you don't write them off EVER.

Here's the masses of reporting from Tech and mainstream media.

iMore 1
iMore 2
The Verge 1
The Verge 2
iMore 3


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Since the UK is currently experiencing a large amount of wintery weather with Snow blanketing all parts of the UK and temperatures set to drop significantly for the rest of the week I thought I'd put together a small post highlighting some great apps that could help you not only get out of a sticky situation but also help you plan around some.

Obviously there's some basics such as phone app, messaging app along with Facebook - Free, Twitter - Free for you to keep in touch with friends and loved ones and social media is also a strong source of news to see if your local schools are closed.

Today Weather - 69p A great weather app that allows you to see max and minimum temperatures and hour by hour forecasts. A great way to see what's forecast.

Met Office Weather - Free For some the above might be not enough information, with this app you can get maps, radars and official weather warnings.

Light - Free Should you be unfortunate to lose power or get stranded a touch can be essential. This app provides a constant beam, flash/strobe light and also a SOS light. Also it's not a power hungry app so won't drain your battery when you need it most.

RAC Traffic + - 69p This app is useful no matter what the weather, it has a build in route planner to help you get to your destination, also it has live traffic information so you can check if your route is blocked, delayed or clear. If you are broken down you can even use this app to be rescued even if your not a member.

Plane Finder - £2.99 Even if your escaping the UK the weather will still cause issues with cancelations and delays. With this app you can track your flights location, so if your delayed on the roads you know you can still make it.

Flightboard - £2.49 A great way not to even make that car journey. Check Flight boards both arrivals and departures without leaving house. Can save you time and effort.

Nextbuses - 69p Times like these some people need to use public transport, and they don't know what time or bus to catch. With this app it tells you your local stops, and when the buses are due.

Tube Status - Free If your in the capital the snow might not effect much of the tube but it can have knock on effects, with this app you can check all lines for problems without bracing the cold.

Trainline - Free With this you can check your train is running, when its leaving and also book tickets all from the comfort of your home.

AA - Free Has all the same features as the RAC app, it's a little harder to use but still great functions that could rescue you.

Angry Birds - 69p Stuck at home? Need to entertain yourself? Well the App Store is the place to visit. I've recommended Angry Birds because its just been updated with even more levels so if you were a fan a few years ago there's a new challenge for you, if you've never played, where have you been?

Cut the rope - 69p Another addictive game for all ages, it's also just been updated with extra levels.

Wheres my water - 69p Yet another addictive game with lots if levels to pass several hours of boredom.

TuneIn Radio - £2.99 Tune in to your local commercial radio to find out if your local schools are shut, or just entertain yourself with 100's of radio stations.

iPlayer Radio - Free Fed up of adverts on local radio, either tune into your local BBC station or listen back to any radio show from the last 7 days.

Sky News - Free The beacon of information news. Stay on track with what's happening nationally.

Eurosport - Free Going to a sporting event? Make sure it's still on with this app.

Tesco - Free They might be having difficulty putting the right things in their burgers but with this app you can find your local store or even if your not able to get out, order your shopping for delivery. This could be a real live saver.

Chrome The windows might be covered in snow but the window to the world is still open. With this you can find ANYTHING.

There's lots more you can use your iPhones for but I thought I'd cover the essentials. Stay safe.


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Like iJoe

If you like what you read here and have a Facebook account you can like the iJoe blog page on there.

iJoe on Facebook.

All links for new posts are posted there and it's a great way to get in touch so I can help with any guidance or tips.


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iJoe Re-Recommends EP.1

Ever Since I wrote My iJoe Recommends EP about CarTunes Music Player I've not stopped trying new Music Players.

There's been so many I thought id cover them in an App Showdown, but then 24 Hours ago I found another one that seemed to check every last box so I needed to tell you all about it.

So let's round this up firstly. Here's my first review of Car Tunes Music Player - iJoe Recommends and here's my App Showdown - AppShowdown.

So the conclusions that I came too from those posts were that Car Tunes Music Player was a Solid App that had a minor glitch that was effecting usage and also id fallen out of love with its Black and Purple screens.

Listen had become my default music player because I needed a change. I liked the Now Playing screen but hated the music library screens. It also had a bug, which was fixed in an update on Thursday.

Rondo and iOS music apps were strong and certain advantages but for me Listen was going to be the champion.

Then I discovered SMART PLAYER.

Download - £1.49


Well it's much like Listen and Car Tunes Music, it's an alternative Music player. Based around gesture controls and attractive visuals.

As covered in previous posts. The default app is strong but it lacks limitations to power users and music lovers.


It utilises Gestures to control your music and the app. These are as follows and are introduced to you on a wonderful little tutorial when you first load the app.

Tap with one finger to play and pause.
Swipe right to left to skip to next track.
Swipe left to right to skip to previous track.
Tap and hold with Two fingers to fast forward.
Tap and hold with Three fingers to rewind.
Slide up to increase volume.
Slide down to decrease.
Swipe up with two fingers to toggle repeat mode.
Swipe down with two fingers to toggle shuffle mode.
Tap and hold with one finger to reveal social options & sleep timer.
Tap the time label to reveal the scrubber/Status bar.
Pie chart in corner, scrobbles to last.fm and updates profile.
Touch top left corner to visit music library.
Touch top right corner to go to settings.
To make a playlist slide and flick individual tracks, albums or playlists to add them to your playlist. Play your playlist by tapping on last track to add.
When browsing music library you can tap the artwork in top left to shuffle that selection.

Now it seems like a lot of information however it's produced in an easy to understand tutorial that can be reloaded at anytime. Plus it covers every feature you need and many more only a few might use.

This app is so accessible that it's as easy to use as the default app and a million times as functional and a billion times more beautiful.

Much like the App showdown I feel it's only right to review it based on same criteria as the other 4 apps. UI (Visuals), Audio, Usability and quality. It will also be covered in every scenario you would need your music player for such as in Car, Dock, speakers and via AirPlay.


App was born just over a year ago and is the hard work of lone developer Shad Deen. I personally love lone developers because of the effort and passion that they drive into the apps they produce.


Visuals are a massive part of these sorts of Apps this is a testament of how attractive the default app is. The previously reviewed apps also have some very beautiful parts of their apps, however Smart Player has a beautiful App. The whole thing. The now playing screen is crisp and beautiful. It hides a lot of things that don't need to be on show all the time. The fact it's controlled by gestures mean the music player controls are hidden, the status bar/scrubber are hidden with the time, track data and album art only things that are on display.

The music library screens are simplistic and crisp, the font that is utilised is large enough to be seen when its required but not bold enough to be over powering. The developer has also stuck close with iTunes and iOS music app colours but with a strong use of album art work.


The audio quality in this app is not enhanced or adjusted to improve the quality, however it's as strong as the default app, it also uses the same data as the default app so if you adjust the EQ in the music settings this app will utilise that data. I personally don't feel the EQ or any app that adjusts music sound actually improves the quality. So this app ticks the audio quality box for myself.


Gesture control apps can take a large amount of time to adjust and "learn" features and how to get best out of it. However the well produced tutorial and the fact it's very similar to other music player apps gesture controls assists this app in bringing Apple levels of usability to a professional 3rd party app. It also has a subtle amount of customisation and personalisation, with adjustment of visuals and social integrations.

It's also got lots of usability options to assist playing options. It has a disable auto lock which will keep the screen on for when using app either in car or dock however you could keep this setting on even when using headphones as it also utilises the Proximity sensor so if you placed your iDevice in your pocket the screen would switch off, once you removed it then it would light back up. Really useful features that allow this app to support all types of scenario you would use it for. AirPlay is supported however to switch devices you have to use the Apple default of the multitasking bar. The app developer does point this out on the Q&A that is in the settings. If you get stuck or have development ideas you can also get in touch with dev via the links in the app.


It's a faultless app. I've been using for 24 hours and have found no bugs or glitches, general feedback from other users seems to be requesting a search bar which the developer has promised to work on. You can tell the app is well developed and that the developer is listening and trying to improve end user experience.

iJoe View

Smart player for me is the best of All the music player apps that I've reviewed. The other apps are easily 8/10 contenders however Smart player is a full 9/10. It isn't missing anything as far as I'm concerned as could easy be a 10/10 however with so many strong contenders I can not be sure that something can't come along within a few more weeks and blow my socks off.

This sums up the quality of Apple devices and the ecosystem that the App Store is. Everyone is aiming to be top of the charts and that drives people to improve and in the end "WE" the end users are the people who benefit. Thank you developers.

Download Smart Player


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