Track8 Music Player.

Just a quick update.

I was planning to review Track8 Music Player this week on the blog, as I believed it could beat our current champion App of SmartPlayer.

However as I used it I failed to be overly impressed, some features are nice but don't really enhance the user experience which is ok but not amazing and in the end I removed the App and stuck with Smartplayer.

I'm not a fan of any websites creating negative or neutral reviews as it isn't worth the time to read them. If you can be constructive and attempt to help the developer add to the product then it's ok.

Personally I could give some constructive feedback to enhance app, but overall app didn't float close to Smartplayer.

Only posted this to inform anyone who saw during week on Facebook that I was going to review it and might be waiting.

Oh well, more articles coming next few days.


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