Apple Profits.

Firstly apologies its late, I wanted to upload this last night but also wanted to see certain people's take on it so had to wait till the morning.

So here's bullet point details from Apples Q1 2013 Earnings Conference call.

Profit - $13.1 Billion - Record vs $13.06 Billion - Q1 2012.
Revenue - $54.5 Billion - Record vs $46.33 Billion - Q1 2012.
iPhone sales - 47.8 Million - Record vs 26.9 Million - Q1 2012.
iPad sales - 22.9 Million - Record vs 15.43 Million - Q1 2012.
iPod sales - 12.7 Million - Down vs 15.4 Million - Q1 2012.
Mac sales - 4.1 Million - Down vs 5.2 Million - Q1 2012.

Apple beat Wall Street Projections on Profit by $.3 Billion and its own projections by $2.1 Billion. They slightly missed Wall Street on Revenue by $.3 Billion and best its own projections by $2.5 Billion.

Now how you can question these results and claim Apple are doomed for failure is ridiculous. No Tech company has ever produced results like this. I don't know enough about stocks and shares to pass enough comments on it, however all I will say is you don't write them off EVER.

Here's the masses of reporting from Tech and mainstream media.

iMore 1
iMore 2
The Verge 1
The Verge 2
iMore 3


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