Since the UK is currently experiencing a large amount of wintery weather with Snow blanketing all parts of the UK and temperatures set to drop significantly for the rest of the week I thought I'd put together a small post highlighting some great apps that could help you not only get out of a sticky situation but also help you plan around some.

Obviously there's some basics such as phone app, messaging app along with Facebook - Free, Twitter - Free for you to keep in touch with friends and loved ones and social media is also a strong source of news to see if your local schools are closed.

Today Weather - 69p A great weather app that allows you to see max and minimum temperatures and hour by hour forecasts. A great way to see what's forecast.

Met Office Weather - Free For some the above might be not enough information, with this app you can get maps, radars and official weather warnings.

Light - Free Should you be unfortunate to lose power or get stranded a touch can be essential. This app provides a constant beam, flash/strobe light and also a SOS light. Also it's not a power hungry app so won't drain your battery when you need it most.

RAC Traffic + - 69p This app is useful no matter what the weather, it has a build in route planner to help you get to your destination, also it has live traffic information so you can check if your route is blocked, delayed or clear. If you are broken down you can even use this app to be rescued even if your not a member.

Plane Finder - £2.99 Even if your escaping the UK the weather will still cause issues with cancelations and delays. With this app you can track your flights location, so if your delayed on the roads you know you can still make it.

Flightboard - £2.49 A great way not to even make that car journey. Check Flight boards both arrivals and departures without leaving house. Can save you time and effort.

Nextbuses - 69p Times like these some people need to use public transport, and they don't know what time or bus to catch. With this app it tells you your local stops, and when the buses are due.

Tube Status - Free If your in the capital the snow might not effect much of the tube but it can have knock on effects, with this app you can check all lines for problems without bracing the cold.

Trainline - Free With this you can check your train is running, when its leaving and also book tickets all from the comfort of your home.

AA - Free Has all the same features as the RAC app, it's a little harder to use but still great functions that could rescue you.

Angry Birds - 69p Stuck at home? Need to entertain yourself? Well the App Store is the place to visit. I've recommended Angry Birds because its just been updated with even more levels so if you were a fan a few years ago there's a new challenge for you, if you've never played, where have you been?

Cut the rope - 69p Another addictive game for all ages, it's also just been updated with extra levels.

Wheres my water - 69p Yet another addictive game with lots if levels to pass several hours of boredom.

TuneIn Radio - £2.99 Tune in to your local commercial radio to find out if your local schools are shut, or just entertain yourself with 100's of radio stations.

iPlayer Radio - Free Fed up of adverts on local radio, either tune into your local BBC station or listen back to any radio show from the last 7 days.

Sky News - Free The beacon of information news. Stay on track with what's happening nationally.

Eurosport - Free Going to a sporting event? Make sure it's still on with this app.

Tesco - Free They might be having difficulty putting the right things in their burgers but with this app you can find your local store or even if your not able to get out, order your shopping for delivery. This could be a real live saver.

Chrome The windows might be covered in snow but the window to the world is still open. With this you can find ANYTHING.

There's lots more you can use your iPhones for but I thought I'd cover the essentials. Stay safe.


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