iNews - EP.1

A new feature starting today is iNews. A round up of all the Apple news that has been trending around the world this week.

The major news this week has been revolving around CES, despite Apple not being involved directly its still a major event as a lot of accessory suppliers and app developers showcase their new products.

All Headlines are clickable Links.

First bit of news is a round up that I posted earlier In the week from CES, the rest is a few other pieces from CES and a nice few features about apps and safari.

CES iJoe Review

olloclip lens - Lots Of Lens.

Incipio Cases - Lots Of Cases

Clamcase Pro iPad Laptop style Case.

Element Cases - Lots Of Cases

Otterbox Cases - Lots Of Cases

Vivoplay - Use your iDevice to track down your kids.

Tethercell - Use your iDevice to warn you when your batteries are going to run out.

olloclip lens and case - A combo of the both.

Armortech Screen Protector - This thing looks strong.

Developers Read Here - An Article clarifying the small details make the best Apps.

When Safari Was Born - Not iDevice really, but you have to love Steve Jobs.

30 Best Apps this week - The weeks finest.


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