iOS Do Not Disturb Glitch

As the clock struck midnight around the world the gremlins were working their way around iOS to start a new glitch for the new year. I'm going to christen this glitch the "Scott Forstall Glitch"

After previous years of alarms not working. This time you might miss an important text, email or phone call.

If you have the Do Not Disturb feature set up to be scheduled over midnight on you iDevice it may still be on. (This is where you glance up to the status bar and check if your clock has the moon icon there.)

It's not effecting everyone. My iPhone 5 is fine but I've just had to correct my iPad.

The quick fix is to go into settings, notifications, do not disturb and turn the schedule off, the restart it. This fixes it going forward today. We will have to wait till tomorrow if it fixes it completely.



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