iJoe Paused

Ok. I've been quiet for a while and wondered if it was just going to be a week off but as the third one rolls round I feel I should act.

iJoe was set up to give me a voice and to help others. The articles and reviews were a side thought. I had a few in mind prior to setting up and I posted them. However recently I've found content difficult to create. I find this blog set up one way....I post the blogs and can only tell what's being read by the stats.

The stats were amazing.
14th - 31st December views - 3026
1st - 31st January views - 5927
1st - 17th February views - 1535
5000 views by 1 month.
10000 views by 2 months.
I can only thank everyone for their tremendous support.

I used iJoe as a massive motivational tool during a very tough time in my life. It did actually help, gave me something to focus on.

It's something I'd love to continue as a form, however id need additional content from others and I'm just not in that place at the moment.

So a pause. Not closing blog because articles are important for new users. Also I will still post occasionally such as new product launches and key notes.

The twitter and Facebook sites will stay open also as will iKnow email address. I'm always here for your support. Also if you need me direct I'm @joebromley on twitter also.

Can't wait to press play again.


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