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Bluetooth Chatting By nOvNiv.com

Now before I start this is an app that no one should have to make or buy. If Apple  did what they should and put the Bluetooth, Wifi and 3G controls should be in either the Notification Centre or on the Multitasking bar.

However Developer Niv Gutherz has managed to make the most of this.

Essentially it's a Bluetooth Chatting app but that's not what any of the users use it for. It's basically a on off button for your Bluetooth.

Set it up to "Quick mode" read the quick instructions and then the app will close and your Bluetooth will be on.

When you want to switch it off click the app icon either in your home screen or multitasking bar and it will turn it off.

The benefits are many, firstly you don't need to trail through your settings. Granted Apple  improved this in iOS 6 by moving Bluetooth out of General settings and into the connection settings. This has changed it from being a 4 button press to now a 3 button press. However with this app you only need one press on, and one press off.

Another major benefit is battery, it's my observation that when people use Bluetooth on their iPhone they are more likely to leave it on than turn it off every time, this certainly decreases using this app. I usually keep it in my multitasking bar and toggle it on and off as necessary.

I find it shocking that no one else has made an app that works like this, overall it's faultless.

It's really useful if you use a Bluetooth device on a daily or weekly basis.

Price is 69p or 99 cents. Yes a fee for a simple setting app but if Apple  won't do it you need to pay.

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