Setting up your iDevice - Part 1

Congratulations you have a new iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch, in this blog post I'm going to help you through the things that you need to do to set up your new device.

After you have set your phone up out the box you'd be mistaken to think that is all, wrong, pop open the settings App on your device and start to customise it to be your way.

NOTIFICATIONS - How your phone and its apps alert you.

These are a real issue for some people and you need to configure it right for you so it alerts you in the right way, but not too much and becomes invasive.

So when you open your notification settings you'll see a list of apps with details of how they alert you it can be really quite confusing hopefully the following will help.

Some people Don't even use the notification centre or know it exists. To view it swipe your finger from the top of your screen and it appears.


To access it Click into settings/notifications/do not disturb. As it explains "When Do Not Disturb is enabled calls and alerts that arrive while locked will be silenced, and a moon icon will appear in the status bar." You can enable it at any time in the settings app, but you can also configure it to come on and switch off at any time in particular, such as the times you are asleep. You can also set it up to allow certain calls from particular contacts, also if the same contact rings you within three minutes it will not be silenced.

This is a really useful feature and can stop you being woken or disturbed during a meeting or appointment. I suggest you utilise it

Below the Do Not Disturb settings are individual settings for each app. Firstly you can configure in what order they are displayed either manually or By Time of the notification.

Then you can set up the individual apps by clicking on the app, then it opens a new menu with the following.

Notification Centre (On/Off) - If it's On it will show in the Notification Centre, if its Off you can still be alerted but it won't be stored in the Notification Centre.

Show - (1, 5 or 10 items). So if its an App you get lots of notifications in short space of time it would be more useful for it to be set higher. Note - If the notification centre setting is off, the show option will be removed.

Alert Style - (None, Banners, or Alerts).
If its set to none you will not receive a on screen alert.
If its set to Banners, you will receive a small banner spin down from the status bar, and then go away after a short time.
If its set to Alerts an Alert will appear that you will need to complete an action for it to be removed.

Badge Icon - (On/Off)
If its set to On you'll have a small red icon on the top right of the App icon.
If its set to Off you won't.

Sounds - (On/Off)
View In Lock screen - (On/Off)

Personally i have lots of apps set up to show as a banner or just a badge icon and lots of apps I don't wish to be notified by, however it's a massive personal choice.

Next Time. About, Siri, Sounds & Wallpaper.


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