Mailbox - The eMail app you've always wanted.

Mailbox first came to my attention via The Verge. They appear to have got a beta version of the app something I'm trying to get myself.

Mailbox is made by the same developers who make Orchestra To Do - They clearly care about what you're up-to and ensuring you have enough time to do everything in your "To-Do" list with a great feature that allows you to remind yourself about emails later on, and clears your inbox so you can focus on what you wish to carry out.

It looks very beautiful somehow better looking than my current email app - Sparrow and on a plus side to Sparrow it has push notifications.

Sparrow has been brought by Google to reinvent their Gmail app, with the most recent update not really living up to the promises with no unified inbox and very few of sparrows good points on show.

Mailbox on the other hand looks a crisp complete product with very few down points.

It's out "In The New Year" I for one can't wait. I look forward to providing a review at the time I get my hands on it.

Hit the source link for more details and that mouthwatering video.



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